That PHP life...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Swoosh! What's more fun than spinning around in a funky, ethnic skirt?

School's been a bear, mostly because I'm taking this PHP class. Yesterday, I was blankly starring at my laptop screen as my teacher attempted to give me some hints as to where some lines of code went. I just have to remind myself how valuable it will be knowing this scripting language... eventually. Working through seemingly impossible classes like this one and passing feels like a dream. I'm still dumbstruck that I managed a C in Calculus. I have never experienced something as troubling and rigorous as surviving that particular course.

It was a nice break to get out and do a quick shoot with the boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. 
Can we just talk about this skirt for a second? Mirrors, colored stitching, leather lace-up waist, and even bells... What does this skirt not have?

The Chronicles of Paranoia: the lying, the switch, and my wardrobe

Friday, August 7, 2015

Three years in the making, my boyfriend and I have taken the plunge to share a bed, a sink, a toilet, and a closet. An invasion of my fashionable sanctuary, my personal-costuming-zen, I wasn't as concerned as I thought I would be. I excitedly stowed my winter-wear away at my parent's house, allowing the tees and dress shirts that were once smashed over in the corner of my closet a bit of breathing room. I stood with hands on my hips, admiring my organizational expertise that held true through this closet rework.
On moving day, one that took place on a Saturday during sweltering heat, I spent a hour in my boyfriend's ex-closet pulling garments off their hangers in a swift and aggressive manner, then stuffing them into cheap garbage bags. In that moment, it occurred to me that I had failed so far. My boyfriend had more waffle shirts, coats, t-shirts, and button-ups than I had accounted for. 
Over that week, he hauled more garbage bags over to our abode, piling them up in our room, meaning to pack them into our closet. It seems his one rack suggestion, an apparently unrealistic 30/70 split, was no match for the surprising mountain of clothes that once hid slyly in a laundry basket, atop shelves, and sprinkled across the floor of my boyfriend's old room. Until further notice, my buttery-leather pants, my fancy, vintage dresses will, unbeknownst to them, be evicted from their rightful place in my closet. 
My boyfriend... Loyal, loving, and self-proclaimed monk in terms of clothing quantity. I feel it was some kind of goal he'd made with himself, to prove he was no fashionisto. How can he say he's a clothes-less monk if he takes up a rack-and-a-half or two? 
Over the past few weeks, I've tested a fair and fashionable plan that has kept the peace... so far. 

1. Give a little bit.
Sifting and sorting through the masses of boyish threads, I had saved extra paper grocery bags which we designated as donations, consignment pieces, momentos, and keepers. Even the most tattered button-ups he tossed into the momentos pile, their saving grace.

2. Create extra space.
Cubby holes with pull-out fabric cubes. Perfect for jeans and winter sweaters that would otherwise hog space. I suggest a Target run for these: 
Room Essentials™ 6-Cube Organizer
Room Essentials Storage Bin

3. If you've got a coat closet...
Use it! Winter coats, begone!

4. Fold workout wear.
They're wrinkle-free, so there's no loss in stacking them up elsewhere.

5. Use space saving hangers.
My favorite are multi-tier skirt hangers like this one: Vinyl 4 Tier Skirt-Slack Hanger. Ultra convenient and they make you feel like a tidiness guru!

6. Got hangers?
Place them in a garbage bag and store them away underneath the bed. Revel in the old space you've recovered.

When he says, "Half the clothes don't fit. I don't have that much," be wary. Accept your wariness, because he is lying; lying like a rug. As I unpacked his dressings, I realized my boyfriend's got style, and how can two stylish people coexist in one closet? Still a mystery to me, and his clothes hoarding, a mystery to him...

Is this still a thing?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I began blogging in 2010, right after the shocking, scary, exciting, and "real-life daydream" that was my Parsons freshman year. After coming back from school and taking a quick leave for a 6 month Colorado vacation (of sorts), I was blogging non-stop. It was my own escape to use the internet and jump into the world of fashion that was once at my fingertips in NYC. 

Upon returning to the city, I thought I had it all figured out. Partially, I did! Living dangerously, I'd give my 30 second elevator pitch about my blog to a stranger off the street, hand my iPhone over, and ask for one snap. So much faith was given to this unknown person; that someone who could very well have run off with my phone! I usually chose a person in business-casual; sound judgement was key, just saying. To those wonderful New Yorkers, THANK YOU. 

When I returned back to Indiana, it was difficult to continue. Recently there has been a bad light cast on fashion blogging. There is an overflow of newbie bloggers with thousands of followers stepping into the ring, some with the same old, same old basic fashion. Yes, I do feel behind sometimes; me having a blog of 5 years with a small, but loyal, following. Despite the frequent hiatuses, can I still catch up? -There's a question I ask myself often!

What's your guys' take? Is blogging still in vogue?