This weather tho...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter weather's got you sad and too cold to get out of bed? No need for that!
Enter your closet; clean it, pull some things, whatever. Try an outfit on and possibly debate on whether it, you know, "works"...

This is too boxy.
Are fingerless gloves still in style?
Oh geez, these don't fit anymore...
-Well, what about these? 
NO! It can't be!
This past month's holiday food overload has gone straight to m-m-my... badonkadonk!
Oh my God.
What was I talking about again?

Get the lowdown on this ensemble above after the jump!

+ I am wearing a Chloé jacket, a Madewell, white tee layered over a black, longsleeved, T by Alexander Wang shirt, some BDG, studded, boyfriend shorts, a pair of thigh highs, and some Miu Miu motorcycle boots.

Really though, it is cold and imperative to have some kind of cute outerwear to bundle up in. HOWEVER, if you're like me and often desperate to match your coat to your outfit but have no matches for the perfect cut, color, and material to pull the whole thing together, I recommend going ahead and wearing a coat while in the car (just as a necessity to stay warm), parking close to the places you are headed to, stowing the coat away in your vehicle, and then running to the entry if no one is looking. That's how it's done.


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